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Design, craft, fabricate
Measure twice, cut once, force to fit

Dragon's Foundry

Creating designs and fabricating functional pieces for everyday use or special occasions. Tell me what you are looking for and I will create it.

Design, craft, fabricate

  • Laser cutting/etching, CNC Machine designs, Wood Working

    Veteran Owned Business



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Featured Projects

Over the years I have tried my hand with varying projects. It all started with Adirondack chairs. Making a gift for a friend that was retiring from the military. I have grown to include CNC carving and laser etching/cutting. The most popular works revolve around barrels. Let me know what you are trying to have made and I'll craft/design it to meet your needs.

My services


I can design it from a description or a picture and then craft it with the shape, design, words that you want.



I can create a design and share it with you before any material is cut. It doesn't have to be specific, a general description will allow me to create some ideas and see what meets your needs.



Once the design is approved, I'll begin creating the piece. Cutting, carving, engraving, and all the other details that go into creating your piece.Once the design has been created, then painting, stain, and/or sealing is used to finish the piece. Some details from you are key with this stage. Is the piece outside or inside, what colors do you want or do you want me to use my own thoughts on what looks best.  

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The piece may be picked up or delivered. Delivery may prove costly depending on the size and weight of the piece and the distance it needs to travel. Within Colorado, delivery is a lot less than outside the state or outside the United States. You will know upfront what the cost is so you can decide before work begins.

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